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Woolworths Cricket Blast


Cricket Australia


Creative Campaign

Growing the game at the grassroots

Cricket is a game embedded in Australian culture. It is the soundtrack of summer, and participation from a young age is vital to its continued success.

A little bit of imagination

 In 2023, an enhanced Woolworths Cricket Blast program was relaunched.
Apparent worked with Cricket Australia to develop a new strategic position and creative platform that highlights the fast and fun environment of the program.
Working from the insight that imagination is every child’s superpower, and re-discovering it is every adult’s dream, the campaign platform “Imagine the Fun” was created.

From the backyard to the oval

The campaign went live with a hero 30-second TVC and rollout across digital, OOH, radio, and social. 

The TVC follows two children’s imaginative journey from an impromptu backyard cricket game to the warm and welcoming environment of the Woolworth’s Cricket Blast program.


Managing Director: Rachael Ford-Davies
Director: Rob Stanton-Cook
Executive Producer: Annie Schutt

Kitchen Creative
Photographer: Toby Burrows
Producer: Manuela Leigh