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Helping launch Australia's Nation Brand


Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)



When we talk to the world with one voice, our voice becomes stronger.

It’s not every day you’re invited to help launch the brand of a nation. We’re proud to have been a part of building Australia’s Nation Brand for Austrade, to help bring the best of Down Under to the world. It’s designed to showcase our stories, people, places and products in a more unifying way.

“Good country up ahead, good feeling for the future”

Taking inspiration from the brand story, we created a welcoming, culturally rich and visually immersive website. We created which takes users on a journey of understanding, showing them the value of a nation brand and how Australia’s can be adopted for their own use.


We developed guidelines to set the tone for Australia’s Nation Brand in digital spaces.

Then, we applied the brand to over 150 downloadable digital assets and social media templates, helping organisations and government bodies tell Australian stories to the world.