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World Teachers’ Day 2023


Google for Education


Hero Film

There’s no education without educators

Teachers are some of the most important people in students’ lives. But the pressures of the job and teacher burnout have led to UNESCO reporting a global teacher shortage.

Elevating teachers to elevate learning

Google for Education wanted to mark World Teachers’ Day 2023 by celebrating and supporting teachers’ dedication.

From the insight that teachers teach us the most important lessons, even those beyond textbooks, Apparent created a hero film.

We all remember
the teacher who changed us

The film features an acoustic version of the song ‘Cloudy Day’ by ARIA Award-winning Australian artist Tones and I.

It went live on Google’s Keyword blog, as well as Google’s Instagram and Google for Education’s YouTube channels.

Globally we earned thousands of likes and positive comments. According to Google Trends, there’s been a global increase for search terms around “thank a teacher” by 77% over the last 12 months.