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Cricket for Climate


Cricket for Climate




2022 AGDA Merit Award

Driving climate action through cricket

Our planet is facing a climate emergency. And so is the game of cricket. With heatwaves of up to 50°C predicted in Sydney and Melbourne by 2040 – making it impossible to play the sport Australia loves – we helped the new not-for-profit Cricket for Climate drive everyone to action.

netzero message with a security guard standing on smoky cricket field

Taking cricket to net zero

Founded by Australia’s Test cricket captain Pat Cummins, Cricket for Climate set the audacious launch goal of making the sport carbon neutral nationwide. With such a bold yet important message to share, they needed the branding to cut through.

Our logo used the letter C and its mirror image to simultaneously represent the Cricket for Climate name and its net zero target, proudly putting the mission front and centre every time an audience sees it.

red cricket ball on dusty ground
arial photo of a very green cricket ground surrounded by trees
wind turbine out in a field

Inspired by our surroundings

Taking cues from weather and heat maps, we designed a gradient mesh around the sun and shifting climate (gold), the cricket pitch and the environment (green), and the earth and clear skies (blue).

This flexible and modern design system formed the basis of social ads, presentation decks, physical merch and more.

Leading from the front

When prominent people use their platform for good, they’re often shot down with “stick to what you know”. So Cricket for Climate’s website did just that. We articulated Pat Cummins’ passion for his family, his home country, and the sport of cricket – supported by research on carbon emissions and rising temperatures – to prove his credentials as a leader for this cause.

2030 colourful branding
netzero mission statement
Pat Cummins tossing a ball in the air
cricket for climate logo
the future is a team sport
Pat Cummins hitting a cricket ball