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Turning Aperol Spritz into an Aussie ritual

Woman with Aperol on dock


Aperol Spritz


Social Media
Content Creation


AMI – National Finalist Data – Integrated Marketing Communications

Helping create Australia’s drink of the summer for 5 years running

Aperol Spritz and Apparent achieved phenomenal growth 5 years in a row.

Every year, we continued increasing awareness, whilst remaining exclusive and desirable.

1 man and 2 women with drinks at sunset
2 people clinking glasses of Aperol

We created a series of social campaigns aimed at shifting brand awareness and creating desire

We made social stories highlighting the perfect Aperol Spritz occasion

A Messenger-based chatbot to help our audience find out where to drink the perfect Spritz – or how to make one

Live Streams at the Australian Open, partnering with influencers to showcase the best of Club Aperol

Fit for platform content, such as vertical lifestyle images for Pinterest, and reels for Instagram

Ongoing audience participation, with contests that ran throughout summer, as well as asking our audience to post their own content using #aperolspritzau or #clubaperol

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