Finding and celebrating IT’s leaptakers


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Finding and celebrating IT’s leaptakers

It took just 11 days, on average, for IT professionals to change our world in response to the pandemic. They moved up to 40 times faster than previously thought possible to help companies set up remote working. They connected anxious families with loved ones. They gave students access to virtual classrooms. And so much more.

To celebrate these remarkable achievements—and to shine a light on powerful stories of how IT keeps the world working—we helped Google Chrome Enterprise with a campaign called Leaptakers.

Why ‘Leaptakers’? Humankind has taken great leaps throughout history, from moon landings to modern medicine. Last year, IT did too.

Calling all innovators and status quo breakers

Our Leaptakers campaign set out to change the way the world sees IT. We wanted to showcase IT’s incredible work and give them the recognition they deserve. To hear more children say, “When I grow up, I want to be an IT Pro.”

To do this, first we needed to find our Leaptakers. We engaged the IT community, harnessed partners and internal audiences, and enlisted advocates through social media—asking for personal stories of how they kept the world working during the pandemic. We built a hub to capture their stories.


Sharing IT’s powerful stories with the world

From across the globe, some incredible stories poured in.

From the UK came Life Lines, a project to provide virtual visits between critically ill patients and their loved ones during the pandemic. From the US, Achievement First, a project to help children thrive when schools closed their doors. In Nigeria, Special Needs Initiative for Growth helped children and young people with disabilities access intensive STEM courses to gain confidence and show others what they’re capable of.

Showing IT how much we appreciate them

It wasn’t just about the big stories, though. We wanted all IT teams to feel the love. So we came up with a way for people to say thanks to IT teams, too. It was all about creating a new dialogue between IT people and the rest of the world – so not only would IT feel more visible, but more appreciated, too.

The Result

An incredible impact

Google was thrilled with this campaign. So were the Leaptakers. As one of them said about the story we created for them, “I just cannot comprehend how much impact this [has] on lives across the world. [Our viewers] now understand that anything is possible.”

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