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Department of Family & Community Services


Challenging businesses to employ people with disability

The objective

With labour force participation rates for people with disability sitting idle for 20 years – and research indicating that this was largely due to unconscious bias in the recruitment process – we had the sizeable task of driving awareness within the NSW business community.

Our Approach

To shift perceptions and get on the radar of corporate leaders, we created a highly-targeted testimonial campaign that centred on a ‘challenge’ to the business community of NSW. More so, we asked organisations to take the pledge to ‘see the possibilities’ of employing people with a disability and discovering the benefits it can bring to their business.

The Results

By dispelling many of the existing misconceptions and hesitations employers may have had, 80+ organisations have since taken the pledge to consider employing people with disability. Our client has 10 incredible real life stories proving our strategic research, illustrating that employing people with a disability makes good business sense.
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