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Changing the script for women in tech


Google Women Techmakers



Women are grossly underrepresented in technology careers, with women outnumbered by men in tech by 4:1.

Creating a visible identity for this professional community, Google’s Women Techmakers wanted to ensure women feel like they belong, not just invited. 
Our new identity needed to show women techmakers stories as industry leaders: Visibly at their best, powerful and thriving.

Working in line with the Google Master Brand, we adapted elements to showcase and reflect strength, vibrancy, and what it means to be an empowered modern woman.

An energised and tonal colour palette was created to ensure distinction and cut-through in market, which was a sea of pink and purple. Paired with bold typography, punchy layouts and isometric shapes, this formed an unapologetic brand presence.

Our photography approach put women front and center with striking portraits 
of women looking up towards their bright futures in tech.

Using cues from the tech industry, we crafted a suite of illustrations that were designed to be multi-functional, playful and inspiring. Lively colour combinations paired with strong shadows gave the illustrations depth and visual impact.

Our brand is brought to life through motion and animation – bopping, bouncing, looping – creating a fun, flexible, always-on system.

“Code is a universal language, and as women, we have the power to use it to change the world.”

Tracy Chou

Leveraging the Women Techmakers vision statement, “We’re building a world where all women can thrive in tech”, we created a new brand persona and tone of voice.

Our voice persona, “The Empowering Maker”, encourages women to make a difference to others and to our world in a supportive community of talented women in tech.

When the empowering maker speaks, they speak in uplifting, powerful truths to encourage and inspire others, to celebrate the possibilities, and to break down barriers by promoting inclusion.

We aim to roll out the new brand and concepts at events, on swag, social channels 
and digital content. Here’s a sneak peek.