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Reintroducing Australia to the World

In 2022, Australia’s tourism industry faced unprecedented challenges as global tourism looked to recover from more than $4 trillion in losses.

In order to stay ahead of competitor destinations and drive consideration of Australia, we needed to create best-in-class, fit-for-platform social content to entice the world to ‘Come and Say G’day’.

Making friends across the globe

Australians are famous for making friends wherever they go. And on social, being friendly stands out from the crowd.

We intercepted internet culture and issued the world’s biggest invitation from Ruby the Kangaroo.

Timed with the global campaign launch, Ruby took over Tourism Australia’s social accounts on a mission to make friends and invite them down under – showcasing just how welcoming and wonderful our country is.

Real-time social trends

Our team trawled social trends in real-time, identifying moments about to tip into virality.

Then Ruby hit the internet. She chatted with celebs like Halle Bailey, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, Lewis Capaldi and Gordon Ramsey.

She helped Taylor Swift launch her new album, and BTS fans wish Jimin a happy birthday. She partnered with Aussie icons like Qantas and Tim Tams. And she was part of every trend, from Hot Girl Summer to Kim K for Balenciaga.

Our top follower – Ryan Reynolds

Most amazingly, her interactions with Ryan Reynolds led to him becoming Australia’s number one fan on Twitter. That’s THE Ryan Reynolds, king of the internet, master of subversive advertising and now @Australia’s top follower.

Incredible results with ZERO media spend

By taking over @Australia’s social media channels for 5 days, inviting the internet to Come and Say G’Day, we:

  • Created 9.5 million impressions in 5 days with 96 tweets & replies, 39 posts across Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, and 35 community management comments on targeted accounts – which translates to an organic value of $38M
  • Created $14M translated organic value from one post – 20k fans liked and 5k retweeted our BTS post earning 3.5M impressions
  • All with absolutely ZERO media spend