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Tourism Australia Social Guidelines


Tourism Australia


Social Visual Guidelines


AGDA Finalist 2023

There are 700 million+  posts about travel on Instagram alone.

Tourism Australia wanted their social feeds to stand out from the sea of sameness.

Imagine scrolling your socials and you see a portal…a window…an invitation…

Inviting you into the frame; to find the sights, sounds and experiences in Australia that interest you most.

With Indigenous artist Rachael Sarra we created 24 portal shapes. Each shape is imbued with a visual story linked to moment, people or place.

These portal shapes became versatile tools – masks, containers, animations and templates, all while preserving their cultural significance.

Comprehensive guidelines enabled the creation of hundreds of assets that are authentic, cohesive, and most importantly, distinctive.

This work has been selected as a Finalist in the Australian Graphic Design Awards 2023.