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Designing an app for everything life throws at you


The Being app


App Development
Art Direction

The app for everything life throws at you

Life throws challenges at us every day. These can be little things that make us feel frustrated, or big things that leave us feeling unsure of what to do. Trish Hansen, Founder of Urban Mind Studio, had the realization that we may not know ‘what to do’, but we can choose ‘how to be’.

We were briefed to create the Being mindfulness app, which helps people take on all the challenges that life hurtles our way.

A design code for life

The Being mindfulness app allows people to build and save their own design codes for different situations.

We helped make complicated situations more simple

The app is deliberately simple, with a stripped back UI and black, white and grey colour palette, which helps people to concentrate on the moment.

We built in intuitive gestures like swiping, to reduce buttons and prevent people feeling overwhelmed by choice, and added micro animations to add a level of sophistication to the experience.

Then we made it free to everyone.

The app was launched by combining a multi-channel social strategy and small scale PR campaign which together garnered groundswell across social and earned media.