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My Nikon Life




Digital Strategy
Social Media Engagement

Inspiring, guiding and informing passionate photography enthusiasts of all levels.

Nikon came to us with a challenge. With a huge number of passionate advocates for their brand, they were seeking a solution to better nurture relationships with the photographic community, and drive further engagement.

Our Approach

Rather than develop a traditional CRM solution, we created a community celebrating photography across a breadth of passion points. Members of the My Nikon Life community can find inspiration, product information, retail specialists, individual training and a range of additional member benefits.

We’ve run the platform since 2010

Exploring the “Capture Tomorrow” brand positioning – the notion that Nikon inspires every photographic and video pursuit. Whether amateur or professional, capturing moments big or small, Nikon makes capturing tomorrow possible.

Today, Nikon’s significant email member base continues to grow

And their highly engaged community connects with the brand and with each other across their website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

The stats say it all

9-year client relationship

39,000+ YouTube subscribers

303,000+ Instagram Followers

86,000+ Facebook