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How we crafted the launch of Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Revival

Master’s Keep Revival is a premium, limited edition bourbon blend by Wild Turkey, made as a tribute from master distiller Jimmy Russel to his legendary father, Eddie.

When Wild Turkey tasked us to develop a campaign that supported the product launch, we responded by developing a blend of our own.

By combining archival images, we curated a range of content that brought their unique father and son story to life and optimised it for social media.

We launched the campaign in the lead up to Father’s Day, leveraging hype around the event and promoting Wild Turkey Master’s Keep: Revival as the perfect tribute for a father. 

With a limited 3,600 bottles available nationally, the Wild Turkey Facebook page saw whiskey enthusiasts across the country asking exactly where they could get their hands on a bottle. Even after the campaign finished. 

The stats say it all

852k reach on social

6.5M impressions

9.84% est. ad recall lift rate