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Corporate Traveller


Corporate Traveller


Creative Campaign

In today’s tough economy, business travel is under more pressure than ever. From tight budgets to new competition and complex travel needs, companies are feeling the heat.

We were challenged to create a campaign for Corporate Traveller that not only boosts awareness and consideration but, also highlights their unparalleled passion and service.

Business travel often feels like a burden, with travel management companies’ impersonal platforms making the experience seem cold and uncaring.

In a world where every travel management company is embracing AI and ML, simply following the tech trends is no longer enough to stand out.

Business travel that’s
all heart, no hassle

What truly sets Corporate Traveller apart is their focus on the human touch. It’s about more than just budgets and bottom lines; it’s about making customers feel seen, heard and helped at every stage of their journey.

It’s not just about business—it’s personal. Corporate Traveller offers round-the-clock support from a team of dedicated professionals who understand their customer’s needs and are always ready to help.

The ‘All Heart, No Hassle’ campaign playfully showcases Corporate Traveller’s departure from the classic corporate tone of voice. With headlines like ‘We’re Friends with Travel Booking Benefits’ and ‘Corporate by Name, Not by Nature’, the campaign brings a lighthearted touch to business travel.

The design uses a consistent visual device of the ‘heartfelt handshake’ from their logo. This reinforces brand recognition while symbolising Corporate Traveller’s commitment to building strong relationships and supporting their customers.

The integrated campaign launched across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in digital, social and out of home.