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Cannes – Day 2 Takeouts


Disruption by Design – R/GA
Key take outs – disruption is based on taking a risk.  And this needs to happen when business is good, not when it desperately needs a change. R/GA have evolved to cover *Communication * Products / Services * Business Transformation Belief that what’s next is that as we are in a connected environment now, there will be an intelligence layer attached to everything that we use and do. Computer based image recognition is now more accurate than the human eye…..

Sex, Lies and Advertising. Madonna Badger.
Take out. Emotional roller coaster. Her first public keynote. Her birthday. Her story from Chief Creative Officer at Calvin Klien to starting her own agency and having 3 amazing kids and a house in Long Island. Then – house fire. 3 kids and parents die. The entire audience was in shock. So she spent a few years in the wilderness as you’d expect and can back into the business to honour her daughters and initiated the #istandup campaign which is about removing the sexualisation of women in advertising and the impact those public images have on children. The entire room stood up. She cried. Standing ovation. Amazing speech.

Van Gogh the bedroom

Airbnb founder and CEO.
Fascinating. Restarted the business 4 times. Wanted $100k for 10% of the company. No one was interested as it was the GFC. Company now worth $25 billion. Great campaign about people using Airbnb to live in places not spaces. Bought to life by a program with Chicago Art Institute. They recreated Van Gogh bedroom from the famous painting. Put it on Airbnb for$10. A month sold out in 2 minutes. Ran another month. The Van Gogh exhibition was over subscribed by 250%.

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