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Cannes – Day 1 Takeouts

The Hidden Stories Behind the Internet of Things – presented by Chiel Worldwide
Take-out: The 4th Revolution – where physical and virtual connect. Where products become services. Example of a blind swimmers rubber cap being able to vibrate as the swimmer approaches the wall to turn so they don’t hit the wall where previously a stick tapped them on the shoulder to trigger the turn.

The Art of Curating – Mike McCue – CEO of Flipboard and Adam Weinberg – Director of Whitney Museum of American Art
Take-out: Curating by algorithms makes content popularity led – no shades of grey. Algorithms can’t identify cool, beautiful or intriguing. Museums want the initial reaction of people is to not like something as it makes them reconsider values / tastes / favourites / routines….

What if Everyone is Doing it Wrong – Mark Pytlik – CEO Stink Digital and Professor Byron Sharp – Head of Ehrenberg Bass Institute of Marketing Science (Adelaide)
Take-out: Reach and Creativity are not options – must align to make brands grow. A consumer of Coke who has 3+ serves per year is a heavy user, so business growth comes from infrequent users buying again – not loyal users buying more….  Empirical data shows that volume should be the foundation in all activity (TV people loved this…) Target marketing is wrong as it doesn’t provide a brand with the breadth it needs. Fragmentation causes challenges for volume. (Food for thought).


How Purpose can get your Mojo back – Hosted by BBD Perfect Storm Jamie Fuller – Chairman of Skins (Australian sport compression company) and Ben Johnson – disgraced Olympic 100m champion from 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Take out: Brands need to stand for something and have a purpose. The founder / CEO of Skins agitated a change in UCI (cycling) due to rampant drugs in sport – then they focussed on IOC after the cover ups of positive drug tests in 2012 Olympics. Ben Johnson was used as the anti-hero being used to say “25 years on, nothing has changed” – evidently 6 of the 8 in that 1988 final all tested positive to PED’s… Skins are now targeting FIFA corruption by going after the sponsors and questioning why they would associate with the corrupt leadership…

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