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International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day (IWD) we, along with many of our clients will be celebrating the strides made to create equality in our society while recognising the work that is yet to be done.

Apparent is incredibly proud that 80% of our management team are women and the different perspective and points of view this (and all forms of diversity) bring to our business every single day.

To celebrate IWD, we asked the team here at Apparent to share with us quotes, campaigns and activities that they believe are inspiring positive change across the world – right now. Hopefully you find some inspiration in them as well.

Bias may be a human quality, but so is self awareness.


“Movements like Jameela Jamil’s ‘I Weigh‘ campaign inspires me deeply, to reevaluate what value we put, and is put on us in society. Living in an insta-famous world can sometimes be overwhelming, no matter how confident you think you are, and regardless of your gender.”

– Pandora Key, Account Director


“My mother is an inspirational woman. She runs a hostel, looks after 120 young girls as well as providing food and other essentials to blind and disabled children all while running a business. Anyone that has the drive and compassion to achieve all this in a day is a hero to me.”

– Manoj Shivakumar, Senior Developer


“New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern is a refreshing voice cutting through the gimmicks of modern politics. She’s the youngest female leader in the world and it’s inspiring to see a head of government so in touch with her country.”

– Nathan Udy, Associate Editor


“The Nike Campaign ‘Be Crazier’ blew me away, I watched it over and over. As a female who really enjoys all forms of sport and physical activity and who rides a motorbike, it made me feel inspired and motivated to achieve greater things both professionally and personally.”

– Nichola Preston, Account Director


“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” I felt empowered reading Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In‘, spurred on by her assertion that we ALL suffer from imposter syndrome, no matter how far we travel down the path of our career. It’s time to stop focusing on all the things we’re not, and celebrate all that we are.

– Nastassia Kuznetsova, Senior Engagement Planner


“I have a huge girl crush on Michelle Obama, always have. While gender equality (specifically access to education) is only one of her focal causes, I think the way she carries herself in the public eye has made her one of the most influential women in America and one of the most powerful role models for young women in the world.”

– Emily Eliot, Business Director


“In 2018, Smirnoff backed a campaign to get more people listening to women. It was based on data from Spotify that showed none of the top 10 most-streamed tracks in 2017 were performed by female artists or bands. It created ‘the Smirnoff Equaliser’ – an API that analysed user data to give them a percentage of the number of female and male artists they streamed on Spotify in the previous six months. It then offered an equalised playlist, made up of tracks by an even number of men and women.”

– Katie Chatfield, Strategy Director


“Serena Williams is an inspiring figure – not only through what she’s achieved in tennis but how she stands by what she feels is required to achieve greater equality within the sport. This will ultimately have a positive impact outside of the sport and help inspire women and young girls to have a voice.”

– Max Austen, Account Director


“Real change takes time, and one person who’s been steadfastly fighting discrimination for decades is the Notorious R.B.G., Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I know she’s become somewhat of an icon in recent years, but for me her belief that women need to be everywhere that decisions are being made is fundamental.”

– Caroline Hutton, Senior Account Director


“Susan Cain, the author of a ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts‘ is ‘quietly’ bringing the power of introversion to light in a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else. Susan speaks a lot to the examples of those who bring immense positive impact to society, like Gandhi and Rosa Parks, who were both introverts during their time, and she promotes ways of communication, thinking and problem solving through fostering our introverted traits. I feel that I am an introvert in many aspects, so I really respect her work and strongly think that these are ideas that should help to drive the change we need to see in schools, workplaces, and in general.”

– Raelene Loong, Digital Producer


“Quote from Eddie Huang: ‘People ask me what my greatest strengths are and I say perspective. The best way to get that is to meet people that are polar opposites; you learn the most from them. There are pieces of you that are inherently yours, but everything else is a collection of the things you’ve seen and the people you’ve met.”

– Benny Lee, Content Creative

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